Peer powered CDN

Facing the growing demand of online content providers was a major challenge that the CDN has easily taken with an explosive growth.

Downside, competition between the players lead to a price war, neglecting energy consumption and environmental issues. Our CDN technology based on peer-to-peer focuses on costs and infrastructure performance, but with a lower overall energy consumption than traditional CDN solutions.


How does it work?

Everyone browsing the internet that searches for your content will eventually download it on its machine and keeps them in is cache memory for a certain amount of time. We use peer-to-peer technology to make these chunks available to other users : no need to leverage centralized infrastructures (i.e. datacenters), overall performance is improved, environmental footprint is reduced. Read the study “centralized solutions vs P2P”.

Pay as you go

0.20 € /GB - HTTP/HTTPS (Europe/Asia)
0,25 € /GB - ON DEMAND P2P VIDEO (Europe/Asia)
0,30 € /GB - HTTP/HTTPS (worldwide)
0,40 € /GB - ON DEMAND P2P VIDEO (worldwide)
0,80 € /GB - CDN Storage
99 € setup fees
up to 60 points of presence (datacenters)

Say hello to LOLA™, the future of the internet!

What if the internet become totally free? A sweet dream? Let’s make it real thanks to the brand new LOLA™ set top box. A personal storage device operated remotely as a “virtual datacenter”.

Every LOLA™ owner joins our network of paid peers, sharing its bandwidth and storage capacity with our peer-to-peer CDN infrastructure. With the LOLA™ box, Sonora Labs offers a new decentralized and collaborative vision of the internet.

LOLA box
While waiting for our crowdfunding campaing on kickstarter, discover LOLA™ ‘s website.

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